25. Mai 2022
Short note on the destinations on new electric buses
20. August 2021
Some notes on the compass-point directions on the Underground.
05. April 2020
‘UNDERGROUND’ roundels integrated in tube station buildings are often segmented.
01. September 2019
Some pictures of Johnston letters, and of roundels at this station.
25. März 2019
Some examples of roundels that don’t adhere to the standards.
13. März 2019
Dot matrix displays, and other ways to display text
20. Dezember 2018
Some pictures of these modern silhouette station name roundels.
08. Dezember 2018
Some pictures of these 1930s-style station name roundels.
12. November 2018
Some notes on a rare type of roundel, and on the Johnston100 typeface.
08. November 2018
Roundels at Baker Street, Bond Street, Green Park and Charing Cross stations.