London Underground: Some ‘LIVERPOOL STREET’-type roundels

These are some favourites. For more on the ‘LIVERPOOL STREET’ type of station name roundel go here.

Roundels like this one are common, they can be found in many stations of the Jubilee line extension, and in other stations as well. Proportion-wise they belong to the ‘LIVERPOOL STREET’ type of station name roundel. One could say that they belong to a subtype that is special in two regards:

  1. These roundels are more three-dimensional than other roundels: Usually the bar is on the same level as the circle whereas here it protrudes a bit.
  2. These roundels are made to fit the curved wall in a special way: Their front is straight, and their back (that can be seen below) varies in thickness (this is unusual: usually, when a roundel is fixed onto the curved tunnel wall, the whole roundel is bent).

Miniature roundel on the Jubilee line.

The following pictures show roundels that are basically the same. But do note the different materials and colours of the frames: They change the overall appearance quite a bit.

Central line

Central line

Northern line




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